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Phase C: Design and Build

During the Design and Biold Phase, the project team completes the design that meets the detailed requirements and begins coding software components and subsystems. These activities are focused toward completing the Critical Design Review (CDR). A list of common project documentation for this phase is provided below.

Common Design & Build Phase technical activities:

  • Implement the Project Plan
  • Complete all requisite software architecture designs/analyses through their CDRs in accordance with NPR 7123.1 and document this work in Software Design Descriptions(s).
  • Define the qualification and acceptance testing of software components, assemblies, and/or subsystems.
  • Hold peer reviews, as appropriate, prior to major project reviews in accordance with the Project Review Plan.
  • Develop a preliminary Operations Handbook that will be used to support the operations team.
  • Prior to the project independent life-cycle reviews for this phase, conduct internal reviews as defined by the project’s planned software assurance activities.
  • Plan, prepare for, and support the project independent life-cycle reviews for this phase in accordance with NPR 7123.1, Center practices, and the requirements of this document.
  • Develop a preliminary System Decommissioning/Disposal Plan.

Common Design & Build Phase Project Documentation

Common Design Phase Transition Reviews

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