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Requirements Definition Phase

During the Requirements Phase, the project team defines its requirements. These activities are focused toward completing the Project Plan and/or Requirements Specification document. A list of common project documentation for this phase is provided below. .

Common Project Planning Phase technical activities:

  • Implement the preliminary Project Plan
  • Baseline the system-level requirements in a Requirements Specification document and develop the subsystem and lower-level technical requirements leading to the PDR baseline.
  • Develop and document a baseline Concept of Operations.
  • Develop and document a baseline Configuration Management Plan.
  • Identify any risk drivers (and proposed mitigation plans for each risk).
  • Develop a list of descope options.
  • Prior to the project independent life-cycle reviews for this phase, conduct internal reviews as defined by the project’s planned software assurance activities.
  • Plan, prepare for, and support the project independent life-cycle reviews for this phase in accordance with NPR 7123.1, Center practices, and the requirements of this document.
  • Complete and obtain approval of the Project Plan that follows the appropriate template provided by the Code TI Project Asset Library. See Page TBD for a list of common Project Documentation assets and their required maturity by phase.

Common Requirements Phase Project Documentation

Common Requirements Phase Transition Reviews


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