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Project Planning

The purpose of project planning is to define project activities in sufficient detail to establish confidence in the project's ability to achieve its goals. Good project plans typically contain estimates of scope, a definition of the project lifecycle, estimates of effort and cost, budgets and schedules, risks and risk mitigation strategies, required resources and training, stakeholder involvement, related activities that may affect the project, and a statement of agreement and commitment from customers and other stakeholders.

The templates linked to this page are designed to cover all required elements of software project plans as specified in NPR 7150.2 and APR 7150.2. They contain guidance for filling out the various sections, along with suggested text and boilerplate text where appropriate.

The Code TI Software Management Office maintains a Process Asset Library (PAL) containing examples of Software Project Plans from the past projects listed in the far right column of this page. Specific project documents relevant to project planning are listed on the right; in addition, the PAL Document Dynamic Index link is a master index of all project documents available in the Code TI Process Asset Library. Users may also browse the collected PAL documents in their NX folders via the PAL Examples Folder link to the right.

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