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The Ames Intelligent Systems Division has been developing software for research and mission applications since its inception as the Computational Sciences Division in 1991. The division’s current collection spans several different classes of NASA software, developed for specific mission applications or to add to the Agency’s portfolio of advanced software technology.

Class B Software

Class B software is flight and ground software that must perform reliably in order to accomplish primary mission objectives, or major function(s) in non human-rated space systems, or flight software for large scale aeronautic vehicles that are NASA unique.

LADEE Flight Software LADDEE onboard flight software. The software will perform non-human spaceflight. The onboard flight software is responsible for control of the propulsion system, power systems, guidance navigation and control, fault protection, thermal systems, command and control systems, primary instruments, and other subsystems that could cause the loss of science return from multiple instruments. The systems controlled and the potential loss of science data represents a Class B designation per the 7150.2 SWE-020 Guidelines. POC: Howard Cannon
Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite Mission Operations System (LCROSS MOS) Modular, reconfigurable Mission Operations Systems software for the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite mission. POC: John Schreiner & Rusty Hunt
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