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Publications for the year 2013 (64 out of 509)

Hierachical Safety Cases
Ewen Denney, Iain Whiteside
Published at: NASA STI Report Series: TM ~ 216481
Date: 02/14/13
Novel Attitude control Challenges for an Earth-Observing CubeSat
Matthew Sorgenfrei, Matthew Nehrenz
Published at: Conference: IAA Symposium on Small Spacecraft for Earth Observation; Berlin Germany
Date: 01/31/13
Validation and Verification of LADEE Models and Software
Karen Gundy-Burlet
Published at: Conference: AIAA 51st Aerospace Sciences Meeting; Grapevine, TX
Date: 01/07/13
Counter-Factual Reinforcement Learning: How To Model Decision-Makers That Anticipate The Future
Ritchie Lee, David Wolpert, James Bono, Scott Backhaus, Russell Bent
Published at: Book Chapter: Decision Making with Multiple Imperfect Decision Makers; Springer
Date: 01/01/13

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