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Evaluating Algorithm Performance Metrics Tailored for Prognostics
Abhinav Saxena, Jose Celaya-Galvan, Bhaskar Saha, Sankalita Saha, Kai Goebel
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: 03/07/09
Using Decision Trees to Detect and Isolate Simulated Leaks in the J-2X Rocket Engine
Mark Schwabacher
Published at: 2009 IEEE AeroSpace Conference
Date: 03/07/09
Using Decision Trees to Detect and Isolate Simulated Leaks in the J-2X Rocket Engine
Mark Schwabacher
Published at: IEEE Aerospace Conference
Date: 03/07/09
NASA Program Flavor
Kai Goebel, Barbara Brown
Published at: PHMTech09
Date: 03/01/09
Structural Health Sensors Benchmarking for space vehicles
Vadim Smelyanskiy, Vasyl Hafiychuk, Curtis Banks, Jimmy Miller
Published at: PHM conference
Date: 02/10/09
Adaptive Control of a Utility-Scale Wind Turbine Operation in Region 3
Susan Frost, Mark Balas, Alan Wright
Published at: 47th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, Orlando FL
Date: 01/05/09
Application of Bounded Linear Stability Analysis Method for Metrics-Driven Adaptive Control
Maryam Bakhtiari-Nejad
Published at: AIAA, Aerospace Sceince Meeting
Date: 01/05/09
Algorithms for Spectral Decomposition, Algorithms for Spectral Decomposition with Applications to Optical Plume Anomaly Detection
Ashok Srivastava
Published at: JANNAF 2008
Date: 12/08/08
Verification and Validation fo Advanced Fault Detection, Isolation and Recovery for a NASA Space System
Mark Schwabacher, Martin Feather, Larry Markosian
Published at: Intl Symposium on Software Reliability Engineering
Date: 11/11/08
Improving Lunar Surface Science with Robitic Recon
Terry Fong, Matt Deans, Pascal Lee, Jennifer Heldmann, D. Kring, Essam Heggy, Rob Landis
Published at: LEAG Annual Meeting
Date: 10/28/08
Adaptive Key Component Control of Nonlinear Evolving Flexible Structures
Susan Frost, Mark Balas
Published at: ASME Conf. on Smart Materials
Date: 10/28/08
Enabling and Enhancing Space Mission Success and Reduction of Risk Through the Application of an Integrated Data Architecture
Robert Brummett
Published at: IAASS Conference
Date: 10/23/08
ISWHM: Tools And Techniques for Software and System Health Management
Johann Schumann
Published at: NASA Aviation Safety Meeting
Date: 10/21/08
Adaptive Flight Control for Aircraft Safety Enhancements
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: Aviation Safety Technical Conference
Date: 10/21/08
Understanding Wire Chafting: Model Development and Optimal Diagnostics Using TDR
Stefan Schuet
Published at: Aviation Safey Technical Conference
Date: 10/21/08

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