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Probabilistic Matching of Lines for Their Homography
Taemin Kim, Jihwan Woo, InSo Kweon
Published at: International Conference on Image Processing
Date: 11/07/09
Compositional Verification for Discovering Failures in Adaptive Flight Control Systems
Sarah Thompson, Misty Davies, Karen Gundy-Burlet
Published at: AIAA Infotech
Date: 11/06/09
Visualization of Global Sensitivity Analysis Results Based on a Combination of Linearly Dependent and Independent Directions
Misty Davies, Karen Gundy-Burlet
Published at: AIAA Infotech
Date: 11/06/09
Deriving Safety Cases from Automatically Constructed Proofs
Ewen Denney, Bernd Fischer, Nurlida Basir
Published at: 4th IET International Conference on System Safety
Date: 10/26/09
Control Relevant Modeling, Analysis, and Design of Scramjet-Powered Hypersonic Vehicles
Armando Rodriguez, Jeffrey Dickeson, Jose Benavides, Don Soloway
Published at: 16th International Space Planes and Hypersonic Systems and Technologies Conference
Date: 10/19/09
The Role of Guidance, Navigation and Control in Hypersonic Vehicle Multidisciplinary Design and Optimization
Peter Ouzts, Don Soloway, Daniel Moerder, David Wolpert, Jose Benavides
Published at: International Space Planes and Hypersonics Sytems and Technologies
Date: 10/19/09
Virtual Planetary Analysis Enviroment for Remote Science
Leslie Keely
Published at: CIDU/AISRP
Date: 10/14/09
Porting Gravitational Wave Signal Extraction to Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM)
Raj Thirumalainambi
Published at: Conference on Intelligent Data Understanding (CIDU)
Date: 10/14/09
Parameter Estimation of ERIS Model Using Monte Carlo Error
Raj Thirumalainambi, Johann Schumann, Peter Berg, Anupa Bajwa
Published at: Conference on Intelligent Data Understanding (CIDU)
Date: 10/14/09
Data Mining of Air traffic Track Data for NGATS
Johann Schumann, Karen Tung
Published at: CIDU 2009
Date: 10/14/09
Assessment of Robotic Recon for Human Exploration of the Moon
Terry Fong, Andrew Abercromby, Maria Bualat, Matt Deans, Kip Hodges
Published at: International Astronautical Congress
Date: 10/12/09
Human/Automations Trade Methodology for the Moon, Mars and Beyond
David Korsmeyer
Published at: 60th IAC
Date: 10/12/09
Testing First-Order Axioms in AutoCert
KiYung Ahn, Ewen Denney
Published at: The Seventh Asian Symposium on Programming Languages and Systems (APLAS 2009) and Systems (APLAS 2009)
Date: 10/08/09
Human/Automation Trade Methodology for the Mood, Mars and Beyond
David Korsmeyer
Published at: 59th International Astronautical Congress
Date: 09/29/09
Methods for Probabilistic Fault Diagnosis- An Electrical Power System Case Study
Brian Ricks, Ole Mengshoel
Published at: Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2009
Date: 09/27/09

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