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Software Model Checking of ARINC-653 Flight Code with MCP
Sarah Thompson, Guillaume Brat, Arnaud Venet
Published at: NASA Formal Methods Symposium (NFM 2010)
Date: 01/18/10
Modified Adaptive Control for Region 3 Operation in the Presence of Wind Turbine Structural Modes
Susan Frost, Mark Balas, Alan Wright
Published at: 48th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting
Date: 01/04/10
Evolving Systems and Adaptive Key Component Control
Susan Frost, Mark Balas
Published at: Book Chapter: Aerospace Technologies Advancements
Date: 12/31/09
Wiring Diagnostics via ℓ1-Regularized Least Squares
Stefan Schuet
Published at: Journal Article: IEEE Sensors Journal
Date: 12/14/09
Detecting Anomalies in Multivariate Data Sets with Switching Sequences and Continous Streams
Santanu Das, Kanishka Bhaduri, Nikunj Oza, Ashok Srivastava, Bryan Matthews
Published at: Understanding Multiple Kernel Learning Methods (NIPS 09)
Date: 12/11/09
nu-Anomica: A Fast Support Vector based Novelty Detection Technique
Santanu Das, Kanishka Bhaduri, Nikunj Oza, Ashok Srivastava
Published at: International Conference on Data Mining
Date: 12/06/09
A State-Space Approach to Optimal Level-Crossing Prediction for Linear Gaussian Processes
Rodney Martin
Published at: Journal Article: IEEE Transactions in Information Theory
Date: 12/01/09
3D Lunar Terrain Reconstruction from Apollo Images
Michael Broxton, Ara Nefian, Zachary Moratto, Taemin Kim, Michael Lundy, Aleksandr Segal
Published at: 5th International Symposium on Visual Computing
Date: 11/30/09
Photometric Recovery of Ortho-images Derived from Apollo 15 Metric Camera Imagery
Taemin Kim, Ara Nefian, Michael Broxton
Published at: International Symposium on Visual Computing
Date: 11/30/09
Damage propagation Modeling in a Particle Filtering Framework
Kai Goebel, Bhaskar Saha, Abhinav Saxena, Jose Celaya-Galvan, Sankalita Saha
Published at: Aviation Safety Conference
Date: 11/19/09
Advances in Adaptive Control Methods
Nhan Nguyen
Published at: NASA Aviation Safety Technical Conference
Date: 11/17/09
Pilot Evaluation of Adaptive Control in Motion-Based Flight Simulator
Stefan Campbell, John Kaneshige
Published at: NASA Aviation Safety Technical Conference
Date: 11/17/09
Icebreaker Presentation
Brian Glass, Chris McKay
Published at: Telecon
Date: 11/16/09
A Verification-Driven Approach to Traceability and Documentation for Auto-Generated Mathematical Software
Ewen Denney
Published at: IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering
Date: 11/16/09
Exploring Data Mining Representations of Track Data
Shawn Wolfe
Published at: SAE Aero Tech
Date: 11/10/09

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