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A Fast-time Simulation and Safety Analysis Framework for Air Traffic Management Concepts
Neha Rungta, Eric Mercer, Arnaud Hamon, Paul Lee
Published at: Conference: DASC 2016; Sacramento, CA
Date: 09/25/16
Composition of Safety Argument Patterns
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai
Published at: Conference: SafeComp 2016; Trondheim, Norway
Date: 09/21/16
Architecting a Safety Case for UAS Flight Operations
Ewen Denney, Ganeshmadhav Pai
Published at: Conference: 34th International System Safety Conference; Orlando, FL
Date: 08/08/16
Qualitative Fault Isolation of Hybrid Systems: A Structural Model Decomposition-Based Approach
Anibal Bregon, Matthew Daigle, Indranil Roychoudhury
Published at: Conference: Third European Conference of the PHM Society; Bilbao, Spain
Date: 07/05/16
Semantic Representation and Scale-up of Integrated Air Traffic Management Data
Richard Keller, Shubha Ranjan, Mei Yueh Wei, Michelle Eshow
Published at: Conference: International Workshop on Semantic Big Data; San Francisco, CA;
Date: 07/01/16
Internet of Things for Aerospace
Richard Alena
Published at: Conference: IoT Connect - Internet of Things Intelligent Hardware Conference; Santa Clara, CA
Date: 06/20/16
Astrobee: A New Platform for Free-Flying Robotics Research on the International Space Station
Trey Smith, Jonathan Barlow, Maria Bualat, Terry Fong, Chris Provencher
Published at: Conference: International Symposium on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics and Automation in Space (i-SAIRAS 2016); Bejiing China
Date: 06/19/16
The Mathematics of Dispatchability Revisited
Paul Morris
Published at: Conference: ICAPS; London england
Date: 06/12/16
State Estimation for Tensegrity Robots
Ken Caluwaerts, Jonathan Bruce, Jeffrey Friesen, Vytas SunSpiral
Published at: Conference: International Conference on Robotics and Automation (ICRA 2016); Stockholm, Sweden
Date: 05/16/16
Modeling Complex Air Traffic Management Systems
Neha Rungta, Eric Mercer, Franco Raimondi, Bjorn Krantz, Richard Stocker
Published at: Conference: MiSE 2016; Austin, TX
Date: 05/16/16
End-of-discharge and End-of-life Prediction in Lithium-ion Batteries with Electrochemistry-based Aging Models
Matthew Daigle, Chetan Kulkarni
Published at: Conference: AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition 2016; San Diego, CA
Date: 01/04/16
Identification and Reconfigurable Control of Impaired Multi-Rotor Drones
Vahram Stepanyan, Kalmanje Krishnakumar, Alfredo Bencomo
Published at: Conference: AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition 2016; San Diego, CA
Date: 01/03/16
Stall Recovery Guidance Algorithms Based on Constrained Control Approaches
Vahram Stepanyan, Kalmanje Krishnakumar, John Kaneshige, Diana Acosta
Published at: Conference: AIAA Science and Technology Forum and Exposition 2016; San Diego, CA
Date: 01/03/16
Super Ball Bot - Structures for Planetary Landing and Exploration, NIAC Phase 2 Final Report
Vytas SunSpiral, Adrian Agogino, David Atkinson
Published at: Other Technical Report; Special Publication
Date: 11/01/15
Diagnostic Reasoning Using Prognostic Information for Unmanned Aerial Systems
Johann Schumann, Indranil Roychoudhury, Chetan Kulkarni
Published at: Conference: Annual Conference of the Prognostics and Health Management Society 2015 (PHM 2015); San Diego, CA
Date: 10/19/15

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