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Timothy R. Reyes

In the role of software engineer, my RSE assignments have included developing applications for improving the robustness of NASA mission software. As an Software Analyst, I have applied RSE developed applications and methods to analyze software under development by Aeronautics projects and Interplanetary Missions.


Academic Background

Bachelor of Science Degree, Physics, University of Idaho
M.S. Degree, Space Plasma Physics, Univ. of Alabama, Huntsville

As a Graduate Research Assistant, I was stationed at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center working with members of the Space Sciences Group. Research work included data analysis of Dynamics Explorer 1 and 2 instrument data and development of software simulations to better understand the physical processes underlying the interaction of the Solar Wind with the Earth's Magnetosphere and Ionosphere.


NASA related experience has involved: Data Analysis, Software Development for science payload instruments and Software Analysis - verification and validation in support of NASA robotic and manned missions.

Present work as part of the RSE group in Code TI at NASA ARC includes analysis support of the  GOES-R Ground System.  Software development has included work on the Bugview project and supporting researchers and developers of other on-going RSE group projects including the IKOS Project.

As a Software Analyst at the NASA IV&V Facility, I had the opportunity to support a wide range of missions, primarily robotic but including work on the Constellation program. The focus of the work was independent verification and validation of the development of mission flight software. This included analysis beginning in the Concept phase and each subsequent phase of the Project Life-Cycle. Specialization was in the analysis of flight software using static analysis tools and verification and validation of requirements and design algorithms as developed and as they became implementation. This offered both a broad and in-depth view and analysis of a spacecraft software development and the opportunity to recognize the broad range of methods and technology, development approaches, and architectures of flight software. Missions that were supported included: Mars Odyssey (2001), Mars Exploration Rovers (MER, 2002-2004), Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (2004), Mars Phoenix (2005-2007), LRO, SIRTF, Genesis, MMS, GPM and Ares/CX.

As a research assistant and software engineer at Goddard Space Flight Center, I was assigned to a team developing the Fluxgate Magnetometer for the Mars Global Surveyor. The work involved development of software for interfacing with the JPL ground control system, for processing and reducing both scientific and engineering data from the Magnetometer and Electron Reflectometer on board MO and MGS, and producing health reports and presenting instrument science data to investigators of the payload team. Additional work at GSFC included software development support of researchers analyzing infrared spectroscopic data of comets and planets.

Early professional work included modeling and analysis of Single Event Upsets in electronic circuits destined for space flight. This work included analysis of data derived from subjecting integrated circuits to energetic particle beams at the Brookhaven Synchrotron Accelerator and SLAC. While at CIRES, an institute associated with the University of Colorado, Boulder, my role was as research assistant supporting analysis of the SSM/I top-side microwave sounder measurements to improve our understanding of terrestrial weather phenomena.

Related Hobbies

I'm an amateur astronomer since age 9, marveling at the sight of the moon, Saturn and Jupiter in a small Tasco telescope. Then grinding my own reflector from the Edmund Scientific Kit. Activities have included managing the University of Idaho observatory, publishing news articles on the return of Halley's comet, the great Leonid Storm and supporting public nights as a member of the Von Braun Astronomical Society in Huntsville, AL.


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