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Sarah Thompson, Ph.D.

Currently, I am a Staff Scientist in the Robust Software Engineering group at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California.

My PhD work was in the area of aerospace electronics, with applications in radiation hardening (SEEs/SEUs/SETs/permanent latch-up) and reconfigurable spacecraft systems. Much of my work was theoretical -- I introduced a transitional logic capable of supporting mathematical reasoning about asynchronous behaviour in digital circuits, and also did some work in hardware partial evaluation. My thesis introduced the term achronous analysis as a catch-all description for analyses that rely upon abstracting away details of relative timing.

My current work is mostly associated with software model checking, though I retain active interests in other areas, particularly reconfigurable systems and radiation hardening. In my spare time I continue to plug away at the transitional logic idea, with an aim to extending it to deal more accurately with cases where partial causal information exists -- I am hoping that this new version of the theory will lead to a semi-achronous transitional logic that retains the power of the existing logic, whilst allowing causal relationships to be modeled precisely.

              <h2>Recent Publications</h2>

Guillaume Brat, Sarah Thompson, "Verification of C++ Flight Software with the MCP Model Checker," IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, MT, Mar. 1-8, 2008.
[paper (To Appear)]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft, "Abstract Interpretation of Combinational Asynchronous Circuits (Extended Version),"

Science of Computer Programming (2006), Cambridge, United Kingdom, Nov. 23, 2005.
[paper ( PDF, 412K )]

Sarah Thompson, lan Mycroft, "Self-Healing Reconfigurable Manifolds," Proc. DCC'06: Designing Correct Circuits, Vienna, Austria, Mar. 25-26, 2006.
[papers ( PDF, 23K ),( PDF, 3.5M )]

Sarah Thompson, Alan Mycroft,

"Bit-Level Partial Evaluation of Synchronous Circuits," Proc. CM SIGPLAN 2006 Workshop on Partial Evaluation and Program Manipulation (PEPM '06, Charleston, South Carolina, Jan. 9-10, 2006.
[paper (PDF 188K)]

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