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Kristin Yvonne Rozier, Ph.D.

(pronounced "Rose" + "E" + "A")

Kristin Y. Rozier has been affiliated with NASA's Ames Research Center since September, 2008, a civil servant since November, 2003, and a NASA employee since May, 2001. She is a member of the NASA-wide Formal Methods research team. Her primary research interests include:

  • Verification and validation of safety-critical systems, design-time checking of system logic and system requirements
  • Model checking and specification debugging techniques and theory, including explicit and symbolic model checking, linear temporal logic satisfiability checking, automata theory, mathematical logics, set theory
  • Automated reasoning, runtime monitoring, fault tolerance, safety analysis, enabling property-based design, and model-based design

Dr. Rozier has been featured in several recent news articles:

Currently, Dr. Rozier is contributing research to the Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen) Air Traffic Management project of the Airspace Systems Program. She is a member of the Intelligent Systems Division and has affiliations with the Discovery and Systems Health (DaSH) and Robust Software Engineering (RSE) groups.

Dr. Rozier is a member of Phi Beta Kappa (PBK), the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), IEEE, the Society for Women Engineers (SWE), Women In Aerospace (WIA), and Systers. She also serves on the Intelligent Systems Technical Committee (ISTC) of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), where she chairs the Publications and Professional Development, Education, and Outreach subcommittees.



Software for generating the de facto Industry Standard Benchmarks for LTL Model Checkers and LTL Satisfiability Checkers

Software for PANDA (Portfolio Approach to Navigating the Design of Automata)

Software for SystemC Monitors: CHIMP (CHIMP Handles Instrumentation for Monitoring of Properties)

Rozier means "one who dwells amongst the roses." Here is NASA's rose.

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Kristin Yvonne Rozier


Research Scientist

Intelligent Systems Division
Ames Research Center
Mail Stop: 269-1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Phone: (650) 604-3197
Fax: (650) 604-3594
Email: Kristin.Y.Rozier "at"
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