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Jorge A. Navas

I am a Research Scientist at NASA Ames Research Center working in the Robust Software Engineering Group. My employer is Stinger Ghaffarian Technologies . I got a PhD in Computer Science from The University of New Mexico (USA) in 2008.

My research area is Programming Languages, and my topics of interest include the design and implementation of practical tools for software verification, testing, and debugging in order to help programmers to make reliable and safe code.

I am currently one of the developers of IKOS (Inference Kernel for Open Static analyzers), a high-performance static analysis platform based on Abstract Interpretation which is being developed at NASA.


Publications ( DBLP )

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  • SeaHorn : a verification framework for LLVM-based languages. News: SeaHorn won 3 medals in SV-COMP'15 !
  • TRACER : interpolation-based symbolic execution tool for verification of C programs.
  • IKOS : a static analysis framework based on Abstract Interpretation for safety-critical systems.
  • Wrapped Interval Analysis : more precise signedess-agnostic interval abstract domain.
  • FTCLP: Failure-based Tabling interpreter for Constraint-Logic Programming based on interpolation: a solver for recursive Constrained Horn Clauses.
  • Revenant : a string solver.
  • Covenant : a semi-decider for intersection of context-free languages.
  • The Ciao Preprocessor : a program analyzer for debugging, verification, and optimization for the Ciao programming language.


  • COMP90053 Program Analysis and Transformation, 1st Semester 2013. The University of Melbourne.

Doctoral Dissertation


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