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Work at NASA

Dr. John Chachere is a Senior Computer Scientist serving the NASA Ames Research Center’s Intelligent Systems Division. As the SGT, Inc. Technical Area Liaison for Autonomous Systems and Robotics, John oversees contractors on several Planning and Scheduling technology projects. These include: SACE, a hybrid AI/OR tool that the International Space Station’s Mission Control Center uses to mitigate catastrophic hazards; Emergency Landing Planning, a system that evaluates nearby sites and conditions for landing damaged aircraft; and the AI-based planning and plan execution for EtherSat, a swarm of tiny satellites that will use Android smart phones to demonstrate space-to-space computer networking.

Professional History

John aligns and focuses organizations, IT, and analytic models to meet research, development, and service goals. Before John came to NASA, his applications shipped to over a hundred companies, universities, and government agencies, addressing: ticket pricing (United Airlines), global cargo flow (SeaLand), aircraft engine repair (General Electric), design project planning (Stanford), software integration (Oracle), telemedicine (Advanced Care Technologies), sustainable design (Knight Business School), intercultural conflict (U. S. Joint Forces Command), and gaming (Pine, an independent venture). John enjoys contributing managerially (to leadership, strategy, organizational design, process re-engineering, and consulting) and technically (to UI design, graphics and database programming, product design, modeling, and ethnography).

Academic History

John followed a UCSC BA in Math and Computer Science with a Stanford MS in Artificial Intelligence. After a decade in Silicon Valley IT firms, John returned to Stanford for an M.S. in Management Science, an Engineer degree in Engineering Management, and a Ph.D. in Decision and Risk Analysis. There, as a student and then Consulting Assistant Professor, John pioneered two technology-enabled design methods (ICE and MACDADI) that have been taught to hundreds of graduate students and professionals.


John grew up in Berkeley and has lived in the Bay Area all his life (save one year in Wuhu, China). John enjoys board games and computer games; music and dancing; and time with his wife and two boys.

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