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David Wolpert

A Successful Research Project/

"To purchase insight
you must pay beforehand,
in confusion."

"Truth is beauty, and beauty truth
is all ye can know
in heaven as on earth."

"Those we have caught and killed we leave behind us.
But those that escape us
we bring with us."


C.V. PDF (72.1 KB)
Eye-candy on Probability Collectives
Primary Research Interests (56 KB)
Ftp site containing older work

Select Publications

These are the full versions of the papers; published versions are usually abbreviated versions of these.

WARNING: These have not been updated in several years. See my c.v. for a (more) up to date list of publications .

Optimization and Search
Physics and Computation
Science of Collectives
Statistical Inference
Other Topics


David Wolpert

Intelligent Systems Division
Ames Research Center
Mail Stop 269-1
Moffett Field, CA 94035

Phone: 650-604-3362
Fax: 650-604-3594

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