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The Intelligent Systems Division at Ames is pleased to work in collaboration with other NASA Centers, government agencies, universities and industry partners. Some of our recent collaborative partners include:

KennedySpace Center
Kennedy Space Center is America's Gateway to the Universe -- leading the world in preparing and launching missions around the Earth and beyond.

Johnson Space Center
From the early Gemini, Apollo, and Sky Lab projects to today's Space Shuttle and International Space Station programs, Johnson Space Center continues to lead NASA's effort in Human Space Exploration.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory
The Jet Propulsion Laboratory, managed by the California Institute of Technology is NASA's lead center for robotic exploration of the Solar System.

Carnegie Mellon University
Robotics and automated learning, to computer science, human computer interaction and software research -- Carnegie Mellon University's mission is to conduct world-class research, educate first-rate students at all levels, and have fun.

Stanford University
The synthesis of teaching and research is fundamental to Stanford University. All faculty engage in scholarly research, most often in association with graduate students or advanced undergraduates. About 4,000 graduate students and many undergraduates are involved in sponsored research at the university.

Qualtech Systems, Inc.
Qualtech Systems, Inc., provides integrated diagnostics software tools and engineering services to meet equipment diagnostics and health management needs.

The Mars Society
The Mars Society aims to further the goal of the exploration and settlement of Mars by educating the public to instill the vision of pioneering Mars, supporting more aggressive government funded Mars exploration programs and conducting Mars exploration on a private basis.


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