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Technical Research Areas

Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Development of technologies required for systems that can adapt their behavior to complex, rapidly changing environments
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Collaborative & Assistant Systems
Information technologies and collaboration tools that facilitate the specialized work of distributed teams in NASA mission settings
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Discovery and Systems Health
Tools and methods for systems health management; large-scale science and aeronautical data analysis and data mining
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Robust Software Engineering
Increased software quality, reliability, and productivity through research done in the context of NASA applications
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Autonomous Missions Software Experiment Successfully Completed
The Autonomous Mission Operations (AMO) project completed an extensive human spaceflight autonomy test onboard the International Space Station (ISS). From late August of 2014 until May 12 of 2015, the ...
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Smart SPHERES Satellites Employ Smartphone Software for Navigation Demonstration
On Thursday, January 8, 2015, International Space Station (ISS) crew successfully conducted the Human Exploration Telerobotics (HET) Smart Synchronize Position, Hold, Engage, and Reorient Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) free-flying navigation demonstration. ...
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NASA’s Quicklaunch Technology Licensing Website is Publicly Launched
NASA’s QuickLaunch (QL) technology licensing tool was released to the general public and NASA’s partners on October 30, 2013. The QuickLaunch web-based tool was developed by the NASA Technology Transfer ...
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Ames Software Project Handovers to Johnson Space Center Completed
Three significant mission operations software projects from Ames have been handed over to Johnson Space Center’s Mission Operations Directorate (JSC MOD): the Operations Planning Timeline Integration System (OPTimIS) – previously ...
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Discovery and Systems Health Staff Honored at NASA Ames Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony
Several current and former members of the Discovery and Systems Health (DaSH) technical area (branch) of the Intelligent Systems Division were honored at the 2014 NASA Technology Transfer Awards Ceremony ...
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NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Supports CalWater2 Field Campaign
The CalWater2 field campaign is investigating the role of Atmospheric Rivers (ARs) and the modulating effects of aerosols on western U.S. precipitation. A milestone for the CalWater 2015 field campaign ...
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