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Technical Research Areas

Autonomous Systems and Robotics
Development of technologies required for systems that can adapt their behavior to complex, rapidly changing environments
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Collaborative & Assistant Systems
Information technologies and collaboration tools that facilitate the specialized work of distributed teams in NASA mission settings
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Discovery and Systems Health
Tools and methods for systems health management; large-scale science and aeronautical data analysis and data mining
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Robust Software Engineering
Increased software quality, reliability, and productivity through research done in the context of NASA applications
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NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite Currently Tracking Hurricanes Danny and Erika For NOAA
The NASA Airborne Mission Tools Suite (MTS) is being used by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to track and research hurricanes. NOAA’s Hurricane Research Division (HRD) uses the ...
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Robust Software Engineering Researchers Organized International Conference on Computer-Aided Verification (CAV 2015)
Robust Software Engineering researchers Corina Pasareanu (Program Chair) and Temesghen Kahsai (Local Chair), together with Daniel Kroening (University of Oxford, Program Co-Chair) and Dirk Beyer (University of Passau, Workshop Chair) ...
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SPHERES Team to Continue Propellant "Slosh" Experiments in Microgravity
On September 6th and 10th, the Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) Slosh investigation will continue onboard the International Space Station (ISS). The Slosh Experiment is examining the ...
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Resource Prospector Team Successfully Conducts End-To-End Command and Data Paths Test and Completes Mission Simulations
The Resource Prospector (RP) Mission Operations (MOS) and Ground Data Systems (GDS) Distributed Operations team conducted a successful end-to-end test for the complete command and data paths for the upcoming ...
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Nhan Nguyen Chairs Successful AIAA Intelligent Systems Workshop at NASA Ames
Nhan Nguyen chaired the second American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Intelligent Systems Workshop, which was held at the NASA Ames Conference Center during August 5-7. The workshop was ...
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Planetary Protection Contamination Study Underway at Mars Analog Site
On August 9-14, Brian Glass will lead a small crew of four people at a location 100 miles removed from the nearest other humans to survey microbial counts in surface ...
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